Jacqueline's new book reveals the secrets of the celebrities & CEO's!


The DIva's in the details

is the ultimate and comprehensive guide to confidence, courage and style. This book is a fun to read must-have for all women who want to step up their game and go after the life they know they deserve. Featuring Oscar winners, Grammy winners, billionaires, icons, and legends, Jacqueline Journey reveals the secrets of those who have mastered the details that can change your life.



Jacqueline visits NBC's 6 in the Mix with Johanna to talk about confidence, self-sabotage, moving on and more!


Deborah Duncan of Great Day Houston on KHOU, CBS, interviews Jacqueline Journey about her new book "The Diva's in the Details," fighting fear, going after your dreams and building confidence.


Jacqueline Journey talks about her inspiration and the invaluable secrets she reveals in her new book "The Diva's in the Details," a Celebrity & CEO Inspired Guide for Confidence, Courage & Style


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Lock your doors, close the blinds and don’t leave the house until you read this book! Don’t waste another valuable opportunity. Don’t make contact with even one more potential employer, partner, friend, fan, supporter, crush, or even telemarketer before you are better equipped to do so. Discover and implement the indescribable, magnetic, success-attracting qualities that propel people’s lives and careers beyond their wildest dreams. Learn to define who you are and what makes you irreplaceable, stop self-sabotaging and overcome your fears. There’s no one else like you in the entire universe. No one. Stop selling yourself short. Start believing in you, and lead your own extraordinary life. 



True divas (and their male counterparts, divos) are by definition conquerors, adventurers, superstars. They light up a room with their confidence, courage and original style. They earn the respect of others and stand out from the rest. Divas are influencers, always the leading lady of their own life. Never a member of the supporting cast. They don’t let others sway who they are or who they want to be. They have character, grace and charm. What makes them so special? In short, they all possess “it”, that indefinable, magical, certain something special that creates a mystique and an incredibly engaging persona. “It” can be yours too. It’s all in the details, and these details can change your life.



Close your eyes and count to three. Those few brief seconds are about how long you have to make a first impression...and it’s near impossible to overcome it completely if you screw it up. Whenever you meet someone for the first time, they form opinions about you whether they want to or not. It’s human nature. How you’re dressed, your body language, demeanor, mannerisms and behavior, they all contribute to your overall image and can dictate someone else’s attitude and openness to you and your ideas. It greatly affects the outcome of any encounter. Celebs and CEOs know this better than anyone. Want to discover their secrets...get your copy of The Diva's In The Details today!